Sunday, June 1, 2014

DIY ~ Upcycled Birchboxes Into Earring Organizer

Hi lovelies!  I'm constantly trying to think of out of the box (no pun intended, but I'll run with it!) when it comes to storage and organization ideas.  This one evolved really organically from a complete random thought while eyeing my recycling bin.  This couldn't be easier, and if you're a Birchbox subscriber you'll have the necessary boxes right off the bat with one box, and you can add another and another in subsequent months - so get started!  {How-to after the jump!}

You'll need:

  • At least one complete Birchbox (top and bottom), any additional bottoms to make more 'columns of earrings'
  • A pushpin

Grab a box bottom and determine where you want the holes to go.  I decided to stagger these a bit to accommodate larger stud earrings, but you could just make holes at all of the 'points' to accommodate any size studs.  The chevron design of the box interior really maps it all out for you; just push your pin through the 'points'.

On the back you can really see where I opted to place the holes.

Add your earrings!  So easy, right?  I had a second box bottom also so I made a second column for smaller studs and just alternated rows to make my holes.  Grab a box top and stand the columns inside...

Et voila!  So easy, you guys, soooo easy.  In all, this took about 30 minutes to complete, including adding the earrings!  This will comfortably fit three box bottoms / columns of earrings and it takes up such little space on your dresser.  Now, all of your earrings are matched and in plain sight so no more rummaging through drawers and hunting for that one pair of earrings.

Having everything in plain sight really allows you to view what you have and will make accessorizing in the morning so much quicker and easier.

Have more empty Birchboxes?  Check out how I made an organizer - with mini-sliding out drawers! - from old Birchboxes here!  Or an upcycled Birchbox to trinket box here!

How have you reused your old Birchboxes?


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