Tuesday, October 29, 2013

DIY ~ Tom Binns Inspired Barbed Wire Earrings

Hi lovelies!  In the spirit of all that's spooky, or not, because these are earrings I'll be rocking year 'round, I quickly made these rad Tom Binns inspired barbed wire earrings.  They're seriously so. easy. to make and if you don't have all the items on hand, you can very easily get them!  {Click for the how-to!}

You'll need:

Take one end of your wire coil and your round-nose pliers and grip the wire, leaving about 1/4" above the pliers, as shown above.

Wrap your wire around the round nose, stopping to turn your coil around so you can continue wrapping, as shown above.

I did about 3.5 coils, leaving enough on the ends to make the barb.  Use your wire cutters to cut the excess wire off, and grab another pair of pliers to gently pull the ends out.

Repeat for another one.

Apply a small dollop of E-6000 to an earring post.

And then add your barbed wire coil, making sure that the pointy ends are pointing out, aka opposite of the earring back.

Repeat for the other one, and then let them sit upside down to fully dry.  I left mine as shown, leaning against the wire coil so that the earring back was facing up and wouldn't slip.

Add your backs and wear these suckers!  If your ends are too sharp, simply use some sandpaper or a nail file to sand the sharp/rough edges down.  These are so fun and spunky, I guarantee you'll get so many compliments!

For more incredible barbed wire jewelry, check out these amazing Tom Binns inspired earrings by Erin of Thanks, I Made It, and this ridiculously rad Rodarte inspired headband by my good friend Alicia of Whimseybox.


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