Friday, October 4, 2013

Birchbox vs. Glossybox vs. Ipsy Glam Bag ~ September Edition

Hi lovelies!  Sorry for the delay, but it's finally here!  My monthly head to head to head!  Curious how the 3 most popular beauty subscription boxes (and bag!) stack up?  Not sure which one (or two or three!) you want to subscribe to?  Have no fear, my dear, as I bring you August's edition of Birchbox vs. Glossybox vs. Ipsy Glam Bag!  {Click to see how they stack up!}

Birchbox turned three this month and curated a killer box based on 'heritage'.  The products are fabulous, and I'm especially hooked on the Caudalie hand cream, the benefit sugarbomb lip gloss, and the Ruffian polish.  Okay and the Curl Keeper too!   Want to see each product in better detail?  Birchbox September Review.

Glossybox curated a collection of 'All You Need For Fall' and there were some awesome products.  However, half the value of the box was the Nioxin (which I'm not really into).  I love the other products to death (already!), especially the new BCBG fragrance (which shockingly is the only product that wasn't full sized this month!).  Want to see my review?  Glossybox September Review.

Ipsy had a 'Classic Beauty' theme and included everything you'd need for a beautiful, classic look.  Every product is amazing, I love the Cailyn lip balm expecially - it's a great matte red lip.  Want to see each product again?  Ipsy September Review.

Here's my breakdown:

Birchbox ~ Cost $10
Benefit Cosmetics | Sugarbomb Ultra Plush Lip Gloss ~ $7.04
Caudalie | Hand and Nail Cream ~ $6
Curly Hair Solutions | Curl Keeper ~ $1.25
RUFFIAN | Nail Laquer in Hedge Fund ~ $10
Voesh New York | Green Tea Pedicure Scrub ~ $1.25
Total Value $25.54

Glossybox ~ Cost $21
BCBGMaxAzria | Bon Genre Eau De Parfum ~ $7.28
Be A Bombshell | Eyeliner Pen in Onyx ~ $14
Emite Makeup | Eyelash Curler ~ $30.50
Nioxin | Diamax Treatment ~ $50
Oceane | Makeup Remover Pen ~ $5.30
Total Value $107.08

Ipsy Glam Bag ~ Cost $10
Butter London | Nail Polish in La Moss ~ $7.50
Cailyn | Tinted Lip Balm in Big Apple ~ $19
It's So Big! | Volumizing Mascara ~ $8
Jesse's Girl | Liquid Eyeliner ~ $6.99
NYX | Eyeshadow in Kryptonite ~ $4.50
Total Value $45.99

*All prices were calculated by creating a ratio of the cost of the full size to it's size and then applying that to the sample size to arrive at a price.  For example, if something costs $10 for 1 ounce, and a 1/2 ounce sample is received, I'm valuing it at $5.  Make sense?

Although I really liked my Birchbox this month, I was expecting more given that it was their anniversary box.  I think the $25 value is great for a Birchbox, but in comparison to the others it fails.  Glossybox was fabulous, but I have thick enough hair and have no use for a $50 thickening serum, and really don't need another eyelash curler.  Taking that out of the equation, Glossybox was only worth $50 which is too close to the Ipsy bag.  Now Ipsy costs half that of Glossybox and includes everything for a complete look (which is what I absolutely LOVE about Ipsy!)

Is clearly Ipsy.  For only $10, I received everything to create a complete, classic look using products that are amazing and I will use on a regular basis!  I mean, how adorable is the mini Butter London polish?  Birchbox gets my vote for silver, because I seriously LOVE the products but am just disappointed in the *something more* it was lacking, imo.  Glossybox gets the dusty bronze, because its $100+ value is quite deceiving.  Taking away the $50 Nioxin and the $30 eyelash curler, the box is only worth its cost of $21.  Hopefully next month's box will be better!

Who would you pick as the winner?  Did I get it right?


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