Tuesday, October 1, 2013

DIY Stella McCartney Inspired Holographic Phone Pouch

Hi lovelies!  I've been busy with 2 sick kiddos, but finally have a chance to post this amazing DIY!  Inspired by two different Stella McCartney products (this holographic phone pouch, and the Falabella chain trimmed bags), this hybrid is so fabulous!  And not to mention, it's from the same sheet of holo vinyl I used to make this cuff bracelet - with some still left for yet another project!  An amazing $1.79 well spent if I do say so myself.  {Click for the how-to!}

You'll need:

  • Vinyl holographic fabric (by the felt at Hobby Lobby) {Thanks so much to Alyssa at Whimseybox for sharing this incredible find!}
  • Aluminum chain
  • Needle and thread
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Template (see below for a better view of it!)

  • I measured a little bigger than my iPhone to determine what size I wanted the case to be.  Then I just folded the paper in half, rounded the bottom edges and made the little half-circle cutout in the top middle.

    Trace the template two times on the back of the vinyl, adding about an extra inch or two on top.

    Cut out the sides, bottom, and the top line you drew for the top but not the sketched shape.  Go over the sketched shape with some pressure so it shows through to the holographic side.

    Fold the fabric on the line so you can still see the half circle.  I found binder clips were helpful for holding things in place, but you can use anything or nothing!  Start your needle and thread, knotting the end so the thread is doubled.  Insert the needle inside the fold so the knot is hidden, and do a running stitch across the top, going under the semi-circle.

    Repeat for the other side, and this is what you should have when you're finished.

    Now clip both sides together, wrong sides facing each other (aka right sides out).

    Double thread your needle again, and hide the knot just as before.

    Grab your chain and whipstitch it to the fabric.  I have about 5 stitches in each link.

    The thread luckily blends right in!  Keep sewing, I did this while watching tv!

    Snip out the semi-circle with your scissors above the stitches so the top hem stays put.

    This is what you'll have once you're done!  Fabulous, right?  You could stop right here, or...

    Use an awl or a bead reamer, leather hole punch, anything sharp to make a hole in the top corner.

    Use the top skinny remnant (finish that cut straight up).

    We're gonna make some fringe!  Cut one piece totally off, cut the rest leaving about a 3/4" allowance at the top.

    Fold the stray piece in half, place the ends on the end of the fringe and start rolling.

    Secure it with a binder clip if you'd like, and start sewing by inserting the needle at an angle from the inside of the tassel in order to hide the knot.

    Sew a few times through it, making sure you've gone through the hidden ends of the loop.

    I used three extra links of chain to attach it, but you could use jump rings too.


    I am absolutely OBSESSED with this case and love whipping it out of my purse, people stare at it out of what I'm sure is sheer jealousy ;-)


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