Thursday, June 6, 2013

DIY ~ Nautical Hardware Necklace

Hiya lovelies!  Today's necklace is a fun design I kind of just came up with!  I think that the white/gold combo is rather nautical yet still rough with the chain/hardware combo.  {Click to keep reading!}

You'll need:
  • Fabric scrap (mine is from an old tunic's belt that I promptly removed and set aside), cut to about 19"
  • 7 - 3/8" compression sleeves from Home Depot
  • 2 small safety pins
  • 2 - 8mm jump rings
  • Needle and thread to match your fabric
  • Leftover chain scraps from previous projects (different sizes, between 8" and 12" long)
  • Super glue (not shown)

Lay out your chain from smallest to largest, the longer pieces will end up being on the bottom of the necklace, the shortest on top, giving it a bit of curve.  Thread them onto the jump rings.

Thread your compression sleeves onto the fabric.

Place a small bit of super glue on the tip of the pin of the safety pin and promptly close it.  This will prevent it from opening.

Thread it about half an inch onto one end of the fabric strip, fold the excess over and hand stitch it down.

Repeat on the other side.

Now we're ready to attach the two pieces!  Open the jump rings, attach them to the safety pins, and close them.  Voila!

Now you have a fun nautical summery necklace!  For me, this was a complete stash-busting project, so if you hoard supplies (like me!) you're sure to have all the materials on hand.  

You can give this an entirely new look by painting the compression sleeves, using different colored chains, and of course depending on the fabric you use.  You could also use ribbon, rope, etc.  

Make sure to check out tomorrow's DIY, I'll show you how to make an accompanying bracelet!

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