Sunday, August 5, 2012

DIY Luis Morais Inspired Ribbon Bracelet

Hi lovelies!  It's been awhile, between vacation and work I have been BUSY!  But I'm back, and I've got a ton of fresh new features for you all!  Of course I know you all love some DIYs so I'm going to treat you all to a week (!) of fun and easy DIYs!
First up is this $420 Luis Morais inspired ribbon bracelet.  I recently was sifting through my inspiration scrapbook and when I saw this bracelet, I needed to make it!  With supplies on hand and literally 2 minutes, I was done!  So I made a few :)  {Steps after the jump}

You'll need some thin ribbon and large holed beads.

I used ribbons from past Birchboxes (of course I reuse them!) but if you're cutting your own, cut it to about 15-16".  Also, either use some fray check on the ends or lightly singe them with a lighter, so they don't fray/unravel.

Thread your bead onto the ribbon.

Slide the bead to about one third of the way up from one end, and take the other end up towards that end.

Thread that other end through the bead again.

And pull.  That's it!

Make one, make a bunch, even make one with multiple beads!

Slide onto your wrist and pull both ends, letting the ends hang.

That's it!  Cute and simple, and looks cute layered with other bracelets as it does on its own.

I hope you love this, let me know if you make one!



  1. Cute+easy= winning DIY! Great idea, Lia! xo

  2. Are you serious?! That one was $420 for ribbon and a bead?? Yours is so cute and I love how you made them in different color combos. Definitely want to try this one!

  3. can you knot the ends so the bead does not come off? definitely gonna try this one great for Spring and Summer.


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