Tuesday, August 7, 2012

DIY ~ Givenchy Inspired Shark Tooth Necklace

Hi lovelies!  I know we've all been gushing over the oversized metal shark tooth necklaces Givenchy sent down the runway last fall, but not it's $950 price tag.  I've been on the hunt for something so that I could DIY this... and while at Legoland, I found this large resin shark tooth necklace in the gift shop for only $6!  {More after the jump}

You'll need:
* Resin shark tooth
* 20" of chain
* gold paint and paintbrush
* jewelry wire
* jewelry pliers
* 2 small jump rings
* 1 large jump ring
* jewelry clasp

Remove the tooth from the necklace (or keychain as I linked to above) and paint just the top part of the tooth gold, and let it dry overnight.  I used two coats, the first a darker gold and the second a lighter gold.

I used a clip to hold it up so I could paint both sides at once.

Cut about 8" of jewelry wire, put it through the hole of the tooth, and fold it in half.

Twist the wire together, snugly, all the way to the ends.

Loop the wire around itself, and wind the excess around the base of the loop.

Use jewelry pliers to attach the large jump ring to the loop you just created.

Thread it onto the chain, add the small jump rings and clasp ends to either end of the chain.  Voila!

I think this is such a gorgeous piece, and much cheaper than the inspiration piece.  Do you love this?  See how I wore it yesterday, here.



  1. Love this! I agree, $950 is a little much. What a great DIY!


    Fashion and Beauty Finds

  2. Another great DIY! I love that you did it in gold rather than silver.

  3. Ooh! I love it!!! I toyed with the idea of doing one when I first saw them on the runway. This one came out great- gonna check out how you wore it now :)

  4. It looks really nice :)


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