Thursday, August 9, 2012

DIY ~ Barbed Wire Bracelet

Hi lovelies!  Keeping in the spirit of staying inspired, this next creation also came from my inspiration scrapbook!  The above images served as my muse for... a (faux) barbed wire bracelet!  This was so simple and I love how it looks stacked with other bracelets.  {Steps after the jump}

You'll need:
* Waxed cotton cord (I used the necklace the shark's tooth came on from this DIY), mine was about 36".
* 2 small paper clips
* Scissors
* Super glue

Tie one end of the cord to the small end of the paper clip, trim the end and use a drop of superglue to secure the knot.

Measure 7" from the knot and cut.  Tie that end to the large end of the other paper clip, trim and glue.

Here's what you should have.  This is the base of the bracelet, the paper clips are the clasp... just wait!

I cut the remaining cord into thirds, which ended up measuring about 8" a piece.  They were plenty long, you could probably be good with 6" pieces and still have excess.

Now we're going to tie a noose knot with one of the three pieces.  If you're old like me, you may remember doing this with the shoelaces of your Sperry Topsiders in elementary school.  Anyhow, hold one end by the bracelet, loop it up and back down.  You need three strands to do this knot, so there's your three.

Wrap the long end around all three "strands" about 4-5 times.

Put the end you were wrapping around through the loop, and pull both ends tightly.  This is what you'll have.

Trim the ends.  Here's one 'barb'.  Cute, right?

Repeat twice more, with those other two cut strands, and you're done!

Looks cute on!

Looks even better stacked!

Now I know you're wondering how the heck to attach the "clasp".  Take the bigger end of one paperclip and slide it onto the open small loop of the other clip and pull.  It's on!

To remove, slide it up the end with the escape route!

Hope you love this!  I'm thinking of doing a necklace, with thinner cord but doubling and twisting it so it has the twisted look of the Tom Ford inspiration piece, what do you think?



  1. ohmygosh, I made bracelets like this in high school. I had no idea it was a new trend!

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  2. That's so cool! I don't think I'd even know where to start with those knots. I never made those before, so if I do this project I'll definitely have to practice a bit :)


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