Monday, January 9, 2012

Winter Chic Styling

Hey lovelies!  Ahhhh winter, where accessories are a must and I'm not talking baubles.  Living in Colorado, it gets cold, as it does where most of you are as well!  It's tough to stay warm and comfy, yet look chic while doing so.  Ladies, put down the oversized coat and baked potato boots!  Here are some chic options to ensure you stay warm and look good doing so!

Winter Accessories

J Crew j crew coat, $200
Sorel waterproof boots, €159
Kate Spade shoulder handbag, $105
Glove, $12
American Eagle Outfitters Cotton Headphone Earmuffs - Gift Ideas For...

I don't know about you, but I *always* have my iPhone out, so gloves I can text with are a must!  For double duty, I am loving these earmuff headphones - seriously, how cute are they?  I refuse to bust my butt on ice, so wearing some stomping boots are a necessity, and these bad boys from Sorel are at the top of my To Buy list (As is the cape, but that just goes without saying, doesn't it?).  Finally, I don't know about you but I do NOT want my leather bag getting stained from being in the elements.  A chic nylon tote is perfect - and I can stuff my heels inside to change into later!
So this is how you can stay chic - and warm! - for work.  Here's how I stay warm for play :)
Helmet ~ Smith
Goggles ~ Dragon
Mittens ~ Dakine
Coat ~ Sessions
Pants ~ Volcom
Boots ~ DC
Bindings ~ Burton
Board ~ Roxy
Public service announcement time ~ The chicest winter accessory when out on the slopes is a helmet.  I don't know about you, but I'd rather NOT have my skull cracked opened....
These photos are from some riding I did last month at Loveland, my favorite non-resort in CO!

What are your favorite winter accessories?



  1. I wish I could snowboard. I tried once last year and got hurt, so boyfriend banned me.

  2. I wish I was there !!! so beautiful! ps, I LOVE that J Crew cape jacket! :)


  3. Just wanted to say YAY for helmets. Two years ago my brother-in-law fell snowboarding and got a serious concussion. I rode up on him and he didn't know where we has and couldn't remember the past few MONTHS. (He fully recovered after a couple days.) Fortunately he was wearing a helmet, because who knows what would have happened otherwise.

  4. lovely pics! looks like fun:)


  5. Love the cape!! And i am totally with you on the texting gloves..haha its a must! Those pictures look great! what a fun time!

  6. You are such a snow bunny! You look great on the slopes. I also like your picks...the cape and nylon tote is a must. Great post

  7. I just got back from snowboarding - so much fun!


  8. I really want to go skiing, I've never been! Your 'baked potato' boots are too cute, LOVE sorel!

  9. great photos.

    Hope you had a great New Year!

  10. Love those earmuffs. I wish we had snow! :(

  11. Love your winter accessory picks! The cape is fabulous and I love your snow boarding pictures. You look great!

  12. Loved seeing you in your snowboard gear! You look great and look like you were having so much fun! I agree with you 100% about a helmet on the slopes. Makes it safe and keeps you warm! :)

  13. Totally jealous you can snowboard!! I have never even been skiing. (Does water skiing count? No?)

    I love that cape so much!! I actually think the cape and the boots would look very cute together! Very snow resort chic. :)

    1. I actually own those EXACT sorrel boots that you put in your collage/ picture. They're fabulous. The top of the toe gets a tad cold, but nothing a thicker sock can't fix? Plus the boots look fantastic with just about anything and if you have big feet ( I do), then its perfect because they don't make your feet look big at all! (that's always what I'm looking for in a pair of shoes.... along with the cuteness and comfort and style)

  14. Love the boots :)

    - Sara @ Gameday Stylist


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