Friday, January 6, 2012

How I Wear Sequins

Well it's that time again, another BDIB challenge.  This time we are showing how we wear sequins.  I bought this matte sequined top at H&M, and here's how I wore it.  I wore this to work yesterday; please bear in mind that we have a casual dress code at my office :)

 Toggle Sweater Coat: St. John's Bay; Sequined Shirt: H&M; Jeans: 17/21; Mocassins: Target

Lipstick: Kat Von D Foiled Love in FTW; Earrings: Jewelmint

So there sure are a ton of ways to wear sequins, and I'm sure all the other ladies did fabulously as well!  I wanted to show a completely different look with this top and love it; it's very me.  I wanted to dress it way down and wear it like I would a plain t-shirt.  How would you style this for a casual look?



  1. I really love how you styled the the sequin top! It is perfect for a casual office look.

  2. That's great to have a casual dress code at work - I so would not want to wear boring corporate attire :p

  3. I like to use sequins with a casual look, especially with denims. I like your outfit !

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  4. I love how you styled this! The earrings are fabulous too, I may need to get in on this jewel mint thing...

  5. What a great top!

    I would probably pair it with dark skinny jeans and ballet flats....

  6. Great top, looks great on you.

    I had a lot of fun joining you ladies for my first BDIB challenge ;)

    Happy New Year!

  7. love the sequins!



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