Monday, January 23, 2012

This or All These ~ Polka Dotted Edition

I love polka dots.  I think there's something retro and whimsical and ladylike about polka dots.  They are just so fun!  Now have you seen the new Marc by Marc Jacobs polka dotted faux snakeskin crossbody bag?  I covet it so badly.  But at $298, I figure I could do a lot better, and I've found a ton of great stuff for less than the cost of the bag, including 3 Kate Spade items!  Check it out!This or All These Polka Dots

Marc by Marc Jacobs Dotty Snake Lil Ukita Crossbody $298
H M polka dot blouse $18
Kate Spade Dot iPad Sleeve $50
Kate Spade Swiss Dot Tights $28
BAGGU Endlessly Useful Navy Dot Shopper Bag $21
Gap Dot Print Scarf $30
Tweezerman 'Hot for Dots' Mini Slant Tweezers $15
Bijoux-Dots Pillow Cover | west elm $34
Kate Spade La Pavillion iPhone Case $40
Kate Spade Dot to Dot Hoop Earrings $48

TOTAL:  $284

I don't know about you, but I'd rather have all this other stuff more than another bag that I won't get that much use from.  How fun is the Baggu shopper bag?  I think that will be the first thing I get, and the West Elm pillow covers are next!  What are you eyeing?



  1. Love the H&M bow blouse & the Gap scarf!!


  2. Love the scarf and blouse!! Great picks! I like having multiple things unless it deals with handbags then I totally splurge!!

  3. these are amazing, want the red polka dot!

  4. I would take everything else too! I saw that bag in real life...not so cute! Haha.

  5. I like the pillow and shopper, too. That pillow looks pretty DIYable. Hmmmh.


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