Thursday, January 12, 2012

Broncos at Patriots Playoff Game ~ Gratuitous Love for Tim Tebow

Lovelies, in preparation for my current team playing my home team this weekend (the Denver Broncos at the New England Patriots) I thought I would share with you some highlights of the teams.  Now by highlights I mean pictures.  And by teams I pretty much mean Tim Tebow.  This is part 1, tomorrow you will get part 2!
Now I was born and raised in RI, left when I was 20.  I moved to FL for 6 years, where I met my husband who is a Florida alumni - a Gator.  That's right folks.  I became a huge Gator fan.  Fast forward, living here in Denver and Tebow gets drafted to the Broncos.  I was ecstatic.  
So ecstatic, I went to training camp twice!  Here are my highlights of Broncos Training Camp, August 2010.

{More after the break}

There ya go!  Who doesn't love some Tebow?  Tomorrow I'll be sharing with you pics from the Broncos/Pats game I attended last month!
Who are you rooting for in Saturday's game?  I'm a bit torn, but in the end, I was born a Pats fan!



  1. omg you went to training camp? So awesome! I'm excited for the big game :)

  2. Love me some eye candy! I am a HUGE fan of Tebow because of the example he is setting (but not the Broncos). BUT I am a Pats fan! And Brady is even better on the eyes :) I want to see the Patriots and the Packers in the Super Bowl!

  3. OK so you know I am so JEALOUS! GO BRONCOS!!! (And GATORS)

    - Sara @ Gameday Stylist

  4. I looooove me some Tim Tebow!!!!!!!!!!!!Brady has nothing on him!


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