Sunday, March 20, 2011

Makeover Your Purse, Don't Throw it Away!

I found this purse at a thrift shop a while back for $1.  I thought I'd use it as a clutch, but I recently noticed that there were two loops on either side, where a strap used to be attached.  Now if you have a regular clutch, you could sew two loops on the sides (on the inside) using elastic or some other heavier material.  Otherwise, remove the current strap, leaving the two loops. 
Materials needed:
  • Purse, as mentioned above
  • Two very large jump rings
  • Carabiner clips.  I used 7 large ones, as I just wanted a short strap made of large clips.
Attach a jump ring to each loop of your purse.  With rings this large, I used my fingers to open and close them.
Clip your carabiner clips together, in a pattern you want.  I stayed in the blue/green theme to go with the purse.  Clip the end carabiner clips to each jump ring.  Et voila!  Easy peasy lemon squeezy!
Wear it and love it!
The best thing about this?  You now have a completely unique purse that you can be assured no one else has!  Switch up the colors, the length, the size of the strap by using different clips!  The large clips are 99 cents at Home Depot, I'm not sure of the smaller ones.  You could most likely buy them in bulk online for cheap!  If you try this, please send me a pic!  I'd love to see what you come up with!


  1. I'm a rock climber so I have tons of carabiners and think this is great!

  2. Thanks lovelies! Alicia, such a great and not permanent use for the clips you have! PS, I'm envious of you! The climbing here in CO is out of control and scares me!


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