Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Keepin it Classy... My First Outfit Post! YAY!

I love this blouse so much, I found it at a thrift shop (brand new!) for $10.  It's so loud, it screams my name!  Neon green and bamboo print?  Yes please!

The spike fringe necklace, earrings (and bracelet) I actually got at Walmart all for less than $20.  I nearly flipped!

The amazing Handcuff Bracelet I got from BaubleBar.  You should check them out, AMAZING!
Yeah, I'm displaying my jewelry around a can of PBR.  Yahhh that's how I roll.  Always keepin it classy!
Love this jewelry soooo much!  Hope you love my outfit!  I really look forward to doing more outfit posts and would *love* some feedback!!


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