Monday, March 28, 2011

Burberry, Biker, and Buying... Oh My!

My outfit today, along with my attempt at a pensive face :)  First off, my 6 year old son took my pics, didn't he do an amazing job?  I'm so proud of my little guy!
So CO seriously has the most bipolar (not biwinning) weather.  I watched the weather on the news last night, and there was no mention of precipitation and it was supposed to be in the 50s today.  Anyhow, this is what I woke up to this morning (after wicked sleeping in):

Seriously?!  Eff you Colorado.  We've been having 60-70 degree weather.  Funny enough, by the time I left the house, the snow stopped.  It was actually wicked nice this afternoon, warm even.  I digress, sort of.  The weather is the reason for the rain boots in my outfit.  I spent a ton on these friggen boots and rarely wear them.  So any little bit of wetness outside, I jump on the opportunity to rock my Burberry rain boots!

I love this faux leather jacket soooo much.  I got it at Nordstrom Rack last year, it's Big Chill.  I think I paid $30 for it.  Gotta love Nordstrom Rack!!  It's pretty rad how it's goldish around the seams and what not.  Sick jacket. 
Here you can see the rest of my outfit better.  DKNY skinny jeans, Forever 21 sweater, ring, necklace, sunnies.
I heart my boots.  Love.
So given the icky weather this morning, I did not bring my sunglasses to work with me today.  Plus, in my haste, I forgot to put on earrings.  I seriously feel naked and it feels creepy to not have earrings on.  So at work, I planned on running to Forever 21 at lunch, it's a couple blocks away from the office.  So there I went, intent on only buying earrings.  Well as soon as I stepped outside, I realized I needed sunglasses too since it appeared that the morning's weather occurance never happened, which is all too common here.  Here's what I left the store with (yet only $34 later.  I love Forever 21).  Clearly, I got a little sidetracked.  What's your favorite piece?  Mine is the bottom gold ring, which is made up of a bazillion interlocked rings.  I counted. 
Well I also remembered that it was the last day for the Victorias Secret panty sale, 7 for $25.50, which is pretty insane.  So I went there also.
Hi, my name is Lia, and I'm a shopaholic.  I think I am going to cut myself off for April and see how much money I can save.  I want to take the kids to visit my mom and brother and grandmother in FL in June, so I bet I can do it.   I'm also going to really step up my game on this blog.  I've got a TON of projects to do and post, starting with a bunch of repurposing/refashioning fashion and decor DIYs, as well as some easy peasy lemon squeezy DIYs.  I'm going to make it my goal to try and post every day, so yell at me if I don't. 


  1. Very cute boots! Your son did an awesome job taking those photos!!! I also LOVE Nordstrom Rack, by the way!

    It's been cold here in Chicago as well. Last week it was 70 one day, and it's been about 30-40 ever since. Ick. Have a great day!


  2. Thanks lovely! I was pretty impressed with little man's talent as well! I'm pretty over the manic weather for sure, spring can't come (and stay!) soon enough, I'm sure you'll agree! Thx for the love!

  3. LOVE those boots so much!! And, great undies pic, and love your orange slice necklace in the previous post. So much fun happenings on your bloggie.



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