Sunday, March 13, 2011

DIY: Ribbon, Pearl and Chain Necklace

I had a vision of a necklace, and am so stoked that I was able to achieve this.  It actually was extremely easy, and I had all of the materials on hand, so it cost me nothing!
  • Large link chain, about a foot long
  • Ribbon, make sure it's *about* the width of the inside of the chain link, I used about a yard
  • Large jump rings, small jump rings
  • Clasp
  • Bead string, crimp beads
  • Pearl beads
  • Jewelry pliers
  • Glue or needle and matching thread (not pictured)
  • Lighter (not pictured)
 Take a large jump ring and attach it to the end of the chain.  Repeat on other end.
Take one end of the ribbon and thread it through a link at about 3/4 of the length of the chain.  Weave the ribbon through the links, ending at the large jump ring.
Turn the chain over and apply some glue (I used E6000) to the end of the ribbon.  Then fold the ribbon over the link/jump ring connection and press firmly.  Cut the ribbon (there should be about a foot's length on this short end altogether), leaving plenty of excess to tie a bow in the middle.  Repeat on other end and let dry.  You could also sew it instead if you have matching thread.
Here is what you should have now.  Take the lighter and lightly burn the ends of the ribbon to prevent fraying. Tie the excess ribbon into a pretty bow. I would recommend sewing it secure because it comes undone easily.
Cut a piece of beading string about a foot long, which leaves enough excess. On one end, thread a crimp bead and small jump ring, then take the end of the string over the jump ring and back through the crimp bead.  Crimp the bead securely using your pliers. 
String 15 pearl beads onto the thread, then repeat the crimp bead/jump ring procedure as above.  Trim the excess thread and push through the top bead.  Repeat for a second strand.  *Note: I bought a huge strand of faux pearls at Forever 21 for $2 a while back.  I actually bought three.  Sooooo much cheaper than buying the beads at Joanns!
Now this should be what you have.
Attach one end of the small jump ring to one end of the large jump rings.  Repeat on other side.  Almost done!  Just attach each end of your clasp to a small jump ring and voila!
I think it came out pretty cute!  I really love the mixture of different vibes from the different materials. 


  1. Love it! I'm partial to greens and blues so I love that you chose a green ribbon. It looks great against the chain! xo

  2. super super cute! nice work, love the green ribbon, so perf for spring.

    xx grace

  3. I so wish I wasn't DIY challenged! That's awesome!

  4. Thanks lovelies! Kristin, you could totally do this, it's super easy! Stay tuned for more DIY's! Collette, you always inspire me with your posts :)

  5. this is awesome! i'm definitely going to make one just like this for my younger sister (she's a big fan of necklaces, and hey, it makes a great birthday present)

  6. I was wondering where you bought the large link chain and how much. I could only find small chains at Michael's and Joanne's. Also when I searched on ebay, the prices were really expensive for large link chains. Thanks


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