Thursday, December 12, 2013

12 DIYs of Christmas ~ Day 2 ~ DIY Lavender Sachets

Hi lovelies! I may be a bit behind on posting, but I'll catch up so be prepared for some days with at least 2 posts coming your way! Yay!  Today's DIY is super simple, smells lovely, and who wouldn't love one?  You won't believe how easy these adorable lavender sachets are to make; the hard part is deciding to give them away and not keep them for yourself!  {How-to after the break}

You'll need:


  • Fill each muslin pouch about halfway full with dried lavender.
  • Tie the strings together around in a pretty bow (to place in a drawer) or in a simple knot on top (to hang on a hanger)

And that's it!  Really this couldn't be simpler.  The kit from WhimseyBox really helps, as it includes everything - even stencils + paint to add a pretty monogram to the front of your sachet.

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