Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Baby Blues ~ Nail Polish Dupes?

Hi lovelies!  When you're nail polish obsessed, you may notice that you have some very similar looking colors.  I first bought OPI Can't Find My Czechbook because it was such a beautiful color, unlike anything I had.  I then picked up Sally Hansen Blue-Away for the same reason, and noticed the eerie similarity.  Well I just got in my new Julep Maven box, and I had added on Something Blue.  Wait.  Hold the phone.  I have three of the same color?  No way.  So I swatched.  And breathed a deep sigh of relief.  They were similar as hell, but each different.

Now let's play a little game.  Can you match the bottle to the nail?  I mean, in the bottle, these three colors look fricken identical.  But on, they're clearly different.  One's super bright, one's deeper, and one's pastel.  {Click to see which is which!}

Were you right?

So, in the event you're looking for a baby blue nail polish, well here's three at three different price points.  Julep will set you back about $14, OPI $9, and Sally Hansen $4.  So pick your poison, or pick all three!

Which is your favorite?  I'm personally crushing hard on Julep Something Blue.

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