Tuesday, April 2, 2013

10 Ways to Wear a White T-Shirt

Hi lovelies!  It seems everyone loved my 5 pieces, 10 ways post last week, so I wanted to do something a bit similar, yet different.  I picked pieces that most of us have in our closet, in some color/silhouette or another.  And if there's one or two you don't have?  Well, everything here is under $50 so you don't have to forego paying rent!  I now give you 10 ways to wear a white t-shirt, featuring my favorite tshirt, the boyfriend v-neck tee from Target.

Top Row, L-R:
Skinny Jeans | Pencil Skirt, Blazer | Trousers, Cardi | A-Line Skirt, Scarf | Maxi Skirt

Bottom Row, L-R:
Cropped Pants | Shorts | Maxi Dress (wear the shirt knotted over it!) | Sequin Skirt, Moto Jacket | Boyfriend Jeans, Camo Jacket

What's your favorite way to wear a plain white t-shirt?


1 comment:

  1. Love it. And i have to say I do have so many of these things in variations lol. Another one for pencil skirts?!



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