Thursday, April 11, 2013

DIY ~ Coachella Flowered Purse

Hi lovelies!  As promised, here's my second Coachella DIY for you!  This is a fun flowered purse.  It's over the top, but a total attention getter, and is incredibly fun!  Besides, it's super easy to make and inexpensive as well :)  {Click for the how-to}

You'll need:

  • An inexpensive pouch (this is a tablet case from the dollar store!)
  • Fake flowers (dollar store!)
  • E-6000 glue
  • Cotton twine
  • Grommets & hammer
  • Scissors

Cut two small holes near the top, making sure they go all the way through.  Make sure they're large enough for the grommet to go through.

Set the grommets using the appropriate setting kit and a hammer.

Cut 9 pieces of twine about 8 feet long.

Fold them in half, and insert the non-folded end through a grommet, knot it on the back and trim all the ends.

Repeat on the other side with the folded end.  Trim the ends so they are even with the other side.

This is your strap!  It's long enough to wear it crossbody!

Now let's jazz it up.  Pull the blooms off of the stems.

Snip the backs so the back is flat.

Arrange them as you want.

Place a huge dollop of glue on the back of the bloom, and firmly press it into place.

Keep going!

And now the front is finished!  I initially was going to put some of the green leaves in between the flowers, but I decided against it.  Now flip it over, and repeat on the back.  Put a few books on top and let set overnight.

The flap is kind of hidden, but it's there!

And here it is!  How fun is it?  And that's the flower bracelet I showed you how to make earlier today!

Hope you like this and it brings a smile to your face!



  1. amazing diy dear!


  2. what a fun project! now you're ready for the festival.


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