Monday, July 9, 2012

DIY ~ Nautical Shell Anchor Necklace

Hi lovelies!  I hope you had a fabulous weekend!  I did a bit of crafting, so be prepared for some awesome new projects!  This one is a great take on the nautical trend, and this can be a great way to do something with your souvenir shell you found on the beach! {More after the break}

I instagrammed this pic the other day of two projects, you'll just have to wait on the other one for now :)

To get started you'll need a shell (preferably with a hole in it, but you can easily drill a small hole if needed.  Or you could super-glue a hook to the top), small pearl beads, gold spraypaint, and super-glue (not pictured)

Give the shell two good coats of spray paint on both sides and let it dry completely.

Once dry, you're ready to start gluing on your pearls!  I love this gel superglue from Loctite because it doesn't run and works extremely well!

I picked the middle indentation line of the shell to glue the main line of the anchor.  I applied a few dollops of glue and then stuck the pearls a few at a time on.

Now glue along the front perimeter, about a quarter of the way back on one side, and then the other.

Add a few pearls on top of the ends to make the little hook/points on the ends of the anchor.

Side view.

Finally, add the top line of pearls to form the top of the anchor.

Finished product!  Now add a jump ring and a chain necklace....

And that's it!  I can't wait to wear this with a striped top and other nautical pieces I have!

What do you think of this unique take on the nautical trend?


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  1. omg thats just amazing how you DIY-ed that! come check out our new post too!

  2. you did an amazing job with this diy Lia! I love the seashell with pearls! I can't wait to see your other DIY.

  3. your blog is really great <3 I love it <3 may we can follow each other? :)

  4. That is such a cute idea - love the nautical theme!

    The Other Side of Gray

  5. Such a unique and lovely DIY idea! Love it, you're so creative xx

    The Urban Umbrella



  6. Wow this looks great! I love this idea and anything nautical - too fun!


  7. this looks so good! reminds me of the seashell necklace my dad crafted as a gift for mom when they were dating... :)

    i should try this! i have many of those pearls and seashells lying around after the seashell wreath project i did last month (it's on my blog, you could check it out if you're into nautical stuff these days, but hey, who isn't ? :)


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