Thursday, July 19, 2012

My Favorite Manicure Product ~ Nailtiques!

Hi lovelies!  I thought I'd share with you my secret weapon when it comes to doing my nails - and no it's not Seche Vite (although that's a close second!)  It's nailtiques!  I've been using this product for YEARS.  When I was 18/19/20 I used to have gel overlays on my nails.  When I decided to go au naturale, my manicurist turned me on to this brilliant product (there's a special formulation for after artificial nails) and I haven't turned back since.  There's several different formulations, I'm currently using Formula 2, which is a treatment for peeling, brittle nails.  Once my nails are no longer brittle/peeling, I'll step down to Formula 1, Maintenance. {More after the break!}

There's other products available too!  I've used these in the past, but just use the Nail Protein now.

The bottles come in several sizes, ranging in price from $5 - $17.50 a bottle.  But it's worth it!  I highly recommend you check this product out, it will be a life-changer!  I bought mine at Ulta, but you can buy it online as well!

What's your manicure secret weapon?  Are you a fan of nailtiques?


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  1. Honestly I don't have much of a manicure super weapon except for the fact I just completely skip a top coat! I've found that my nails chip more often with a top coat than without but I am eager to try Seche Vita because I never have!



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