Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Decor DIY ~ Framed Shell Art

Happy hump day!  Today I've got a cute and easy decor diy for ya!  I've confessed my love of shells before, and my condo is full of shells!  How cute is this framed shell?  Most shells end up on a surface, a shelf, a table, etc.  I wanted to find a way to hang up a shell, but not just gluing a hook to the back of it.  When this picture frame broke, I knew what to do. 
All you'll need, plus some E6000 glue, not pictured.
The best part about this frame was the particle board because I could spray paint it!  I really like how the paint didn't adhere to all of the wood, even after several coats.  It gives it a more rugged/rustic look.
When the paint has fully dried, reassemble the frame.
Using E6000 glue, affix the shell to the center of the frame.  Let dry overnight.
So pretty!
Here's the finished product, proudly on display above my mantel.  Don't you love the framed palm tree pic too?  That was taken by the lovely Megan, of The Frugalista Diaries fame.  This goes perfect with my beachy decor and best yet, cost absolutely nothing!



  1. Ooo I like it! Very nice job Lia, this is something that looks difficult!

  2. ohh nice DIY! it's very pretty and looks easy enough to do to glam up the bathroom!

  3. Such an awesome idea! It looks great too :) Thanks for sharing!

  4. Such a great idea!! I love all of your DIY posts!

  5. How beautiful...and easy to boot!!
    Great way to show off a favorite piece of art:)

    Happy HuMpDaY!
    A Funky Little Fashion Blog

  6. If I lived by the beach this would be perfection..

    Love! ~Angel

  7. this looks very pretty! good job! :-)

  8. I like the 3-D effect! Wouldn't have thought to do that with a framed piece.


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