Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tuesday's Tips ~ How to Get Free Beauty Products for Travel

Happy Tuesday!   Today I'd like to share some of my tips with you on how to save valuable suitcase real estate while traveling!  Ever notice how much space your toiletries take up?  Even putting your hair care products into those small bottles, it still takes up a lot of space.  Here's how I do it.  I sign up for free samples and save them aside for when I travel.  So simple and they seriously take up such little space.
My current stash of samples includes hair care, body wash, lotion, face cream and cleansing cloths.
Alot of you (if not all) are familiar with Birchbox and receive their samples.  I go beyond that to get these.  There are several blogs and websites that alert you when there's a sample opportunity.  For example, All You magazine sends a daily email with a sample of the day.  That's how I've amassed all of these.  Sometimes it's a heads up about a coupon on Facebook for a free product for the first however many people, other times, it's instructions to go to a product's website and receive a free sample.  I highly suggest you all do this! My most recent score was this:
I love this fragrance and wear it so much!  I also get free fragrance samples when I order online from Sephora, those travel perfectly as well and I don't need to worry about hauling my huge bottles of perfume with me!

So what's the takeaway here?  Sign up for the daily emails and get your samples!  It's a great way to try products for free, and it really helps to use them when traveling!  Hope this helps you!



  1. HEY! I totally do that! Save all my sample products for travel. I

  2. I've never heard of All You but definitely need to try it out! I accumulate alot of clinique bonus gifts and just travel with those items...

  3. I have never heard of this, but this is a great idea! I definitely need to start doing this.

  4. Nice tip!

    - Sara @ Gameday Stylist

  5. haha that's such a smart idea! I do hate carrying bulky containers everywhere when I travel!

  6. I save all my samples for travel. It's such a luxury getting to try new things while your away... I especially love bringing my birchbox goodies along! xx

  7. Great minds think alike! I've been receiving the all you emails for a year or so now, and often use the samples for travel as well! Very smart! Hope you're well!

  8. beat. idea. ever.


  9. Great advice--- I have a trip coming up and I love all this info!

  10. I am on a plane all the time! Half of the time, all my toiletries take half of my suitcase! Ha I think I need to sign up for emails to start receiving samples to make room for clothes!

    All the best, ~Angel


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