Monday, October 3, 2011

Vintage Love... and a Signature Necklace

Hello lovelies!  I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!  I wore this outfit on Friday, and I'm already dreaming up the countless ways to style this shirt, as well as the necklace!
I found this vintage Lee Riders polyester shirt at my local thrift store for $3.50, such a steal!  It's a little snug on me so it looks as though I'll be wearing it as a jacket for now.

Now the necklace is by one of my faaaavorite jewelry designers, Amrita Singh.  What drew me to it is its name, which is my name!  It's the Amalia necklace.  Uhhh of course I bought it right away!!  How amazing is it??
And check out my amazing shoes.  I scored these gold and brown Tommy Hilfiger driving shoes about 3 years ago at Ross for $9.  Ahhh I love them so!

So ladies, I must ask, how do you think I should style either the necklace, shirt or shoes next?  I am feeling as though all three will be staples in my fall wardrobe!



  1. Ooh! Score on all three items! The shirt looks mint green? That would look great paired with some darker green pants or a skirt. Kind of like a monochromatic look. The shoes would look cute paired with jeans and a plaid top with a scarf for a casual look!

  2. Yay no pervy word ver...but on another note...I.love.this...and that necklace - ohmyghah

  3. LOVE the shirt/jacket. I'd like to see the shirt styled next! XO

    AND WHOO HOO!!!! No more captcha!

  4. That looks awesome, the vintage shirt for $3.50? I can't wait to see how you'll style it and I love Amrita Singh jewelry :D

  5. $9 for the shoes?! Steal! Lia you are so freakin cute! Your posts always put a little smile on my face

  6. I love the combination of a more casual outfit with the necklace! Pretty! <3<3

  7. I want to see more necklace!!!

    And I could have SWORN I commented on this post!!! Oh well...here I am again!

  8. Love the shirt- what a great find. And those those are amazing!

  9. adore this look. the necklace is stunning. wonderful post, love. thanks for sharing. I'd love if you check out my latest outfit post. It's all about simplistic drama and one of my ultra favorite fall trends. xoxo


  10. That's an amazingly gorg necklace lady! Want one!

  11. The necklaces always makes a simple t look great!
    (i think we kind of look alike!)


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