Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My Birthday and What I Got :)

Hey dolls!  So as many of you know (thank you all for the uber sweet tweets yesterday, completely made my day!), yesterday was my birthday.  I decided to spoil myself - for free! - and treated myself to a day off of work and did nothing but craft, watch tv, and read magazines.  Seriously, it was heaven!  And something I need to do more often.  I love to try and take pics with my kiddos on my day, so I forced them to stand in front of our haunted fireplace with me :)
Little man refused to stop making faces, so he was voted off the island.
Me and my princess!!!
Ahhh yes that is me, and I will not have any other cake than a Carvel Ice Cream cake for my birthday.  Not a Baskin Robbins, not a DQ, Car-friggen-vel.  Mmmmm!  And yes, that is two 3s on my cake.  Eeeek, I'm 33!!
Aaaand the goodies!  So I'll admit, I'm the breadwinner in our relationship.  So I made a list of things for my husband to get me that were mostly all under $25, so that he could get me a few things.  And he did soooo well!!!  I've wanted a steamer for so long because I cannot STAND ironing.  I detest the iron.  I would rather pay the dry cleaners to press my things (and I've been known to do that).  Which epitomizes laziness. Or someone who hates ironing.  I digress.  I also loooove socks.  It's friggen cold in Colorado in the winter, and as such, as soon as I get home, I put on big fuzzy socks and wear them around the house and sleep in them.  My feet are always freezing, idk why.  So the kiddos picked out these for me :)  Finally, they got me Chanel Peridot nail polish, that I've been dying for!, and Kat Von D foiled love lipstick in F.T.W., from Sephora.  I'm in love with this, it's a gorgeous wicked metallic cranberry that has some serious staying power.  Highly recommend!
We also went out to dinner, at Chilis. It's the kids favorite restaurant, and I love margaritas, so it worked!  Plus, we are on a budget, so The Melting Pot or Sullivans is definitely out of the question.  Funniest thing of the night, JT asked me what I was drinking.  I responded a marrrrgarrrrita!  He says, "What's a vodkarita?"  Ok.  So ignore the fact that my son hears me say vodka, and knows what vodka is (I do love vodka, and usually my answer to his question is vooodka), but ummm I think my son just invented my new signature drink.  I'm thinking cherry vodka mixed into a margarita.... cherry limeade, anyone?

So what do you think?  I think they did great!!  I had a fantastic birthday, and -gulp- am nervous excited to see what 33 holds for me!



  1. I am a bad friend and forgot to wish you happy birthday yesterday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY gorgeous! It sounds like you had a fantastic day and got quite spoiled on your birthday! Hubs did so good with the birthday gifts! You got him trained! :)

    Make it a fantastic (debt free)year! Love you sweetie! XO

  2. What a fabulous day Lia! The kids looked so happy and Bella looks just like you! You two are both beautiful and it sounds like a fun dinner at Chili's! I love their mini burgers :) Mr. Lia did great, love the socks and the steamer! It's going to be a fabulous upcoming year!

  3. I am glad that you had such a fabulous birthday! Love the pictures of the kiddos and your fireplace is so much fun! Glad you got the channel nail polish you wanted!! YAY! I am sure this year is going to be fabulous for you!!

  4. WOOHOOO!!! Sounds like a fab and incredible day! I am glad that you SPOILED yourself AND got spoiled by your cute cute fam! Your hair looks FAN freaking TASTIC! I cannot wait to see that nail polish on you! XO

  5. Talk about a par-tay. You're so friggin' funny...and I'm glad u reminded me to get a steamer, I'd rather wear wrinkled clothes than iron. true story.

  6. Awwww Happy Birthday Lia!!!! You are such a pretty Momma and I am so glad to hear that you had a good day!

    P.S CANT wait to see what you made with the polymer clay

  7. Chanel Peridot?!? Jelly! Oh, and fabulous fireplace sista!

  8. sounds amazing. so happy you had a great one. thanks for sharing love. If you get a second I'd love to hear what you think of my latest ring obsessed post. xo


  9. Happy Belated B-Day! Margaritas are a tradition on my birthday. MMmmmm Delish! Love the Chanel color and a good pair of warm socks!

  10. Happy Belated Birthday, Lia! I'm glad you have a fun, relaxing day! Great gifts, too! You look great in the photos and your new signature drink sounds delicious!

  11. Hope that you had a wonderful day!! Your haunted mantel looks awesome & your kiddos are so precious!! xox

    I just became your newest follower! I would love for you to visit my blog & follow back if you’d like.

    Also, check out my giveaway for a Missoni for Target hat!


  12. Happy birthday! Sounds like it was an amazing day. Love that nail polish, can't wait to see it on.


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