Monday, October 31, 2011

MONDIY ~ DIY Leather Bow Cuff Bracelet

Happy Halloween lovelies!  I'm again tapping into my stash of this gorgeous leather fabric I have to make another beautiful piece!  I've been seeing bow cuffs everywhere lately, and knew I could easily make my own!  Here's what you'll need:

Lay your printed, cut out oval template on your fabric and trace around it.
Cut out the leather oval, and make sure to save your scraps!
We need to cut a strip of leather that's about .5" wide and 1.5" long

Here's your two pieces.  Time to put this together!
Pinch the center of the leather oval.  I've done three pinches here, I've also done more with four.
Here's it all pinched up.
Apply a drop of glue in between each pinch, on both sides.
Use a clip to secure it for a few minutes.  See how messy the glue gets if you use more than a little drop?
Apply glue to the strip of leather, trying to spread a thin layer across the entire piece.
Wrap it around the center of the pinched and glued area, and let dry for a few.
Time to affix your snap closures!  Follow the instructions on your kit!
Finished cuff!  Snaps are on, and it's ready to wear!

How rad is this?  And how insane would this look with the leather and chain fringe earrings I made last week?  I've also made a few extra and added them to my etsy shop! >> click here.

Hope you love this!


  1. I love your DIY ideas!! This one is great.

  2. This is a great idea! That rat is freaking me out!

  3. Ooops I meant to post previous comment to the Halloween section... the bracelet is fab!

  4. Such a cute bracelet and definitely easy to make. Is this the leather from your skirt DIY?? Perfect way to reuse it!


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