Sunday, September 25, 2011

My Favorite Things Swap

Recently, Leann at Join the Gossip, hosted a My Favorite Things swap, how cool an idea?!  I signed up and was matched with Lin over at Linny's Vault.  I had never done one of these before, so was wicked stoked and got to work shopping!  I was a little nervous at what I'd get in return, but just hoped my partner would put a little effort into it as well.  So when I got the package last week, I was soooo excited!!!  Let me tell you, Lin hooked it up!!!  Here's what I got!
She enclosed an adorable note card - with an OWL on it!  I friggen love owls!!  The best thing is that everything I received is stuff I absolutely would have bought for myself :)  Here's the list, in Lin's words:

  • Vintage looking necklace I love this!  It's so gorgeous!!
  • Personal sized popcorn She also said this way she doesn't overeat, which I totally do as well!  I had no idea they had these, and will definitely be stocking up!
  • Starburst Who doesn't love Starburst??  And this box is a mindreader, because it is all reds, with one of each other flavor!!
  • Note cards with wine glasses How cute are these?!  I love adorable note cards :)
  • Pink nail polish Love this and absolutely would have picked out this color for myself
  • Bath & Body Works hand sanitizer Such a necessity with flu season around the corner!
  • Lip gloss and nail kit ~ A must have for every girl So true!!
  • Cute Post-It Notes I have such an obsession with cute post its too!
  • Mary Jane slipper socks They have an owl on them!!!!!!  
  • Black cherry candle I love this scent for fall sooo much
  • Bath & Body Works mango mandarin lotion Actually one of my all time faves, and I had recently ran out of this!

Make sure to jump on over to Lin's blog to see what I sent her!  And stop by Leann's blog to see everyone who participated!

Thanks so much Leann for hosting this, and especially to Lin for sending me such rad stuff!!



  1. What a fun idea! I've never heard of this before but you definitely got some cute things!

  2. Yay, I'm so glad you liked it all! I was a bit iffy on the lotion cause I'm totally sensitive to smells but thought 'what the heck...' haha.

    I had fun shopping & meeting you :)

  3. That's an awesome package!! Looks like you two were perfect partners for each other. Thanks so much for signing up and playing along :)

  4. How much fun!!! I LOVE the owl slippers :)


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