Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Missoni for Target Madness...and what I got...

Where were you this morning?  At work?  Home?  Rushing to every nearby Target?  Even if you've been living under a rock, you know that today was the day, the day that the Missoni for Target line went on sale. So anticipated, in fact, that it crashed Target's website.  Us fashionistas rock.  When we want something, we want it.  And when we saw the 400 piece collection lookbook, we all drooled and wanted it all!  The only problem was, we were just going off of pictures and no descriptions.  I went to 3 - three - THREE Target's this morning, and was able to purchase what I thought was some of the best stuff available.  Here's some of what I saw, my thoughts and advice on it, and what I got:

Clothes ~ Pass on them ladies.  I know it's tempting, but that cute sweaterdress that would look so cute layered over a blouse and worn with tights and booties, it's an acrylic rayon blend.  Acrylic.  And it's $55.  For acrylic.  No thanks.  The clothing was cute, but out of polyester, acrylic, and rayon blends - NO COTTON - I'll pass, especially on a $40+ price point, I'd rather go to Gap.  My advice?  Don't waste your money.  Totally not worth it.
Dishes/Kitchenware ~ So friggen cute, right?!  There's the ceramic canisters on the top shelf, plastic glasses on the second shelf, ceramic mugs and a ceramic platter below.  These are great pieces, albeit a little bit overpriced.  I considered the plastic cups ($3.50 for the small and $4 for the large), with the kids and all, but the designs were just painted on {read: they will chip off!}  My advice? Grab a coffee mug! It will look chic on your desk at work!
Scarves ~ I saw four patterns of the silk scarves, and yes I said silk.  At $20 a pop, these are 100 % silk.  My advice?  Buy one or all four!
Luggage ~ Ahhh the highly coveted luggage.  There were sleep masks, way overpriced, and neck pillows whose quality was along the lines of those in Target's dollar section.  Pass on these, ladies!  The laptop sleeve looked too cheap for me, so I passed on that. The travel bags at $50 were of good quality and although a wee bit overpriced, not too bad.  Now the rolling suitcases.  I wanted and wished they were amazing.  Alas, they were so crappy.  $170.  I honestly wouldn't pay more than $30 for one of these.  And the poor souls buying them on eBay now for 3-4 times the retail cost.  Tsk tsk. My advice?  The padded travel bag is the best option out there.
Shoes ~ Remember how excited you were when you saw the zig zag flats?  Yeah, forget about that. They looked so ridiculously cheap.  The knit material was loosely attached to the shoes, begging to rip.  If you were to catch your shoe on anything, there goes the shoe.  The rainboots were so flimsy, I don't know how they could even hold their shape standing up.  Now the diamond in the rough is the suede pumps in front.  They are 100% suede, the only thing manmade on them is the (plastic) heel.  My advice?  Get the pumps, skip the rest.
Cosmetic bags and accessories ~ So, am I the only person not about to pay $8 for some bobby pins?  How about $15 for a headband?  Maybe.  The cosmetic bags looked really cute, but were wayyyy overpriced for the shoddy quality.  The bobo cosmetic bags an aisle over were of the same quality for a third the price.  My advice?  Skip.
So at the end of Round One, I'm out $103 and I got the padded travel bag, that I will be using as a laptop bag/purse for work daily, the coffee mug, and the suede pumps.  Not too shabby, I am happy and feel that I definitely got the best quality pieces that were available at the store from the collection.  Now an aside, I have got to tell you about the hoity toity yoga moms and business women, carrying their LV bags, grabbing the crappy clothing!  UGH.  I totally judged them and said to myself, "I'm better than you are!"
Off I went for Round Two:
Hosiery ~ Cuuuuute!  I really loved the colored zig zag tights, but the material was soooo scratchy.  The solid zig zag tights were soooo much softer.  The socks are so flipping cute, but so flipping expensive!  The tights were (over)priced at $16 and the socks at $6.  My advice?  If you really like them, go ahead and grab a pair.  If you go with the tights, go with the black or dark brown ones.
And here's what I left the store with. I found the zig zag silk scarf, and got a pair of socks and the black tights.  Round Two damage: $45.  Total damage: $148.  Not too bad.  Round Three anyone?
Well the third store I went to, especially by the time I got there, was entirely picked over, and I had already seen everything.  I did see this men's sweater, at $50 and a wool/cotton blend, it was the best article of clothing I saw from the entire collection.  Had it not been a size Large, I would have bought it for myself.  Alas, I left empty handed.
Here's my total haul :)  $148 damage, 6 pieces of Missoni (for Target).  I got the travel (laptop!) bag, the pumps, coffee mug, scarf, tights and socks.  Based on the items I had seen at all three stores, I am confident that I purchased the best quality pieces available from the collection.  Now I'll show you some better detail of the pieces:
The bag comes with a detachable shoulder strap, and the best part of all is the sides are padded!!  Hello, laptop bag/purse!  It's perfect for me to take to work every day!! 
Peek at the inside, fun striped lining and little pockets.
Best part is the little metal feet on the bottom.  Always an important detail!!
My coffee mug.  Meh, it's a mug :)  It's pretty rad though.
I think these are my fave.  I love the subtle striping on the toes, it's perfect to wear to work and will go with pretty much anything.
Nice thick heel, not too high.
Ughhh it's plastic, but oh well, you can't win them all.
The rest of the shoe is all leather, so I'm happy with that.
I had to get the silk scarf, of course!  I love the print, and now I'll need to figure out a way to wear this!  The best part, is that it's 100% silk!
Socks and tights.  I really love the tights, the zigzagging is nice and a little subtle.  These are sooo soft though, compared to the colored ones that were scratchy.  The socks are so cute, and I kinda have a thing for socks, so I had to pick them up!  
And there you have it!  I don't know if I'll go back for more, I'd like to think not, but you never know!  I do know that once all this stuff is on clearance, I'll get all the pieces I thought were too cheap looking to pay the full price for, like the hat, the clutch, and the clothing.

Did you score any Missoni for Target pieces?  Did you go to the stores?  What did you get?



  1. I think you definitely got the best of the lot. I was actually wanting that knit sweater dress but not that you mention it is rayon acrylic blend, forget it because you're going to get fuzzyballs! I would like a coffee mug and maybe a nice fruit bowl? As for the shoes, I cannot believe of all places they used plastic it was the heel! I can understand a rubber sole with a leather heel but oh well... Good job!

  2. I love the scarf! $50 for a dress made out of that stuff is ridiculous! Kudos to you for taking the time to read the labels and get the best value!

  3. Fabulous!!! Looks like you chose your pieces wisely - love the shoes!!

  4. Wow!! What a great post! I didn't make it out to Tarjay this time around. I'm not too thrilled with the 90s zigzags and I knew it was going to be totally overpriced!! You did great though-all of your items can serve more than one purpose.


  5. Thanks for in depth review! I am very impressed with your haul, and now I know which pieces I want.
    Love your blog!

  6. Good score and a good review! You are dedicated to go to three stores! I like the pumps and the scarves the best!

  7. Love your finds...I better head on over to Target before the good things run out!

  8. Excellent review! I definitely think you picked what was best from the collection. I wanted to like everything, I really did, but just couldn't find anything that justified me spending money. I wanted some of the housewares but it seems like that is what everyone snatched up at my Target.

  9. Loved your recap, so logical! I debated the heels you got but didn't love the actual heel of it, the plastic/fake wood thing. I did get a few other things, including the cheapy rain boots. I'm debatnig returning/selling but haven't decided!

  10. I didn't even go out to Target. I knew by viewing online that the line was going to be way over priced for the quality. I do love the shoes you purchased though & the scarves :)

  11. wow - you snagged some good stuff! congrats!

  12. Great review Lia!! I have not made it over there yet but I am pretty sure its all picked over at this point. Acyclic? YUCK...reminds me of itchy grandma sweaters haha! I DO love your bag that you are going to keep your laptop in though!

  13. You got such a great collection of things! I think those heels are my favorite.

  14. I like the shoes but plastic @Bravoe Runway? That sucks.
    Ps. I'm jonesin for some new DIY projects.

  15. You got the silk scarves? JEALOUS! I scored the flats, which was my main goal!

  16. Wow! You got some great stuff! Here in Chicago the stores were a nightmare, and then the website crashed, so I didn't get anything. When I went the next day, the only thing they had that I was interested in were the heels (which they had like 500 pairs left for some reason), but they didn't fit me right. Other than that, there were only 2 mugs (not the one you got- that's the one I wanted as well) and a plate left. :(

  17. Oh no! I've been living under a rock!
    I think I missed this! You rocked girl, you really got the best pieces, they all go so well together!
    You're so right, the scarves were such a good buy!! This is a treasure chest!

    "I'm better than you are!" totally made me lol! ah ah :D

  18. Lia, talking about the quality do you think the trench looked good?


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