Friday, September 2, 2011

Ann Taylor Denver Event ~ New Line Preview

Hello darlings!  Last week I had the pleasure of going to the Ann Taylor Denver event at the Four Seasons for some cocktails, chatting, and previewing the new look and fall line.  It was so much fun!  I met several Denver area bloggers, and I have a bunch of items from Ann Taylor on my fall wish list! 

*All photos were taken on my iPhone, I apologize for  the poor quality!*

I love the kelly green blouse on the left under the trenchcoat!  The faux fur scarf, worn belted as a vest is amazing, and that mustard top?!  I die.  You may recognize the belted faux fur scarf from the new ads with Demi Moore, I know I've been seeing them everywhere!!  And isn't she just the perfect face for the new look of Ann Taylor?  She embodies that classic chic with a modern twist that Ann Taylor epitomizes.

The gorgeous faux fur scarf, again :)  Love.  And that tie neck cowl neck blouse with the sequins on the ties?  Love.  I think my fave piece is the fringe tie neck blouse, above.  How to die for is that?  Besides, the piece I desperately wanted, above right under the blazer, the leopard print trench blouse, I broke down and bought after I found out I would be attending :)

This is me, with the worlds craziest grin, with my new BFF, Emily from Colorado Moms.  She is so fabulous!

How gorgeous are the new shoes from Ann Taylor??!!  The left pic, it's the top pair.  I die. And the black wedges?!  Wow.  I need both pair.  Stat.

Finally, I had to showcase some of Denver's finest.  At times we thought it was an audition for Real Housewives of Denver.  Oh yes.  That bad.  But here's a mini parade of Chanel bags that I observed :)

Thank you to 5280 Magazine, the Denver Four Seasons, and of course Ann Taylor for putting on this amazing event, I cannot wait for another!

What do you think of the new look of Ann Taylor?  What pieces are you coveting?



  1. I love love the new Ann Taylor stuff and Demi Moore adds. So awesome you got to preview it! Thanks for sharing the photos, gets me excited to shop it.


  2. How lucky that you got to attend! Looks like it was a lot of fun.. Especially if it was at the Four Seasons.. I love those hotels..

    Love! ~Angel

  3. oo I need the faux fur scarf! Especially after seeing it worn different ways ;)

    xx Cristina

  4. What fun! I'm so loving Ann Taylor right now. I got a $25 gift card in the mail and can't decide how to spend it! :)

  5. LOOK at you!!! Blog-o-lite! So awesome and YES! I am super excited about Ann Taylor's fall line! Everything looks gorgeous and I love that Kelly green blouse just like you! And ROAR Lia...you look amazing in that leopard blouse! Awesome coverage on the event and I hope they'll do something similar in Chicago!

  6. Great post. I love the new Ann Taylor stuff. And the shoes are fabulous. I adore the wedges!!! Now following you!


    I would love if you could follow my blog on Blog Lovin!

  7. Love these pieces and I am so glad that you met some Denver bloggers!

  8. Love Ann Taylor, just not the prices! All of their stuff is just gorgeous though :)


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