Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dressing to Kind of Impress...

Today I had to go meet with my recruiter to sign my contract for the new job I'm starting next week.  Last night it hit me:  What do I wear???
Since it wasn't an interview per se, I quickly ruled out a suit.  Although I prefer to be overdressed than underdressed, it just was not appropriate for the situation I thought.  I felt even a typical work / business casual outfit was too much.  Again, I was just filling out paperwork.  So I decided upon a 'Casual Friday' type look, and since the weather went to hell here today, it was perfect!
I'm wearing:
  • London Fog trenchcoat ($50/Burlington Coat Factory)
  • Vintage Kate Spade Tote ($5/thrifted)
  • DKNY skinnies ($15/TJ Maxx)
  • Banana Republic Cheetah Print Pony Hair pumps ($30 on clearance!!!)

  • Forever 21 Sweater ($10)
  • Forever 21 Necklace ($4)
Yes, that is a framed picture of Tim Tebow, running for his first NFL touchdown as a Denver Bronco I have hanging up.  Good eye :)

I'd like to thank Isabella and JT for once again playing photographer!  They get to fill in a box everytime they help out/do a chore.  (It's a grid, they color in a box.  Each box is worth 25 cents.  It's like a bank, they can cash out when they've earned enough for what they want.  Works REALLY well!!)


  1. you look like a billion bucks!! you should have asked for an early increase, just in case!! :)

  2. Love the trench and pumps! You got such a great deal on everything and you look fabulous! Love the idea about giving your kids credit toward a goal! Very smart!

  3. love the outfit. the trench and those shoes set it off! i need to try the bank thing with my son....maybe he will cooperate when taking my pictures...lol.

  4. CUTE! It is amazing how much a trench can MAKE the outfit. Love the leopard pumps too!!

  5. Very chic!
    Love those heels!


  6. Well, since blogger never restored any comments from the meltdown last week, I thought I'd once again mention that you look amazing in this outfit! Also, I just awarded you the Adorable Blog Award (check my new blog post for the details)!

  7. Boooo! I know, I lost all my comments :( Thank you so much Tara!!!


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