Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dressing to Kind of Impress...

Today I had to go meet with my recruiter to sign my contract for the new job I'm starting next week.  Last night it hit me:  What do I wear???
Since it wasn't an interview per se, I quickly ruled out a suit.  Although I prefer to be overdressed than underdressed, it just was not appropriate for the situation I thought.  I felt even a typical work / business casual outfit was too much.  Again, I was just filling out paperwork.  So I decided upon a 'Casual Friday' type look, and since the weather went to hell here today, it was perfect!
I'm wearing:
  • London Fog trenchcoat ($50/Burlington Coat Factory)
  • Vintage Kate Spade Tote ($5/thrifted)
  • DKNY skinnies ($15/TJ Maxx)
  • Banana Republic Cheetah Print Pony Hair pumps ($30 on clearance!!!)

  • Forever 21 Sweater ($10)
  • Forever 21 Necklace ($4)
Yes, that is a framed picture of Tim Tebow, running for his first NFL touchdown as a Denver Bronco I have hanging up.  Good eye :)

I'd like to thank Isabella and JT for once again playing photographer!  They get to fill in a box everytime they help out/do a chore.  (It's a grid, they color in a box.  Each box is worth 25 cents.  It's like a bank, they can cash out when they've earned enough for what they want.  Works REALLY well!!)


  1. you look like a billion bucks!! you should have asked for an early increase, just in case!! :)

  2. Love the trench and pumps! You got such a great deal on everything and you look fabulous! Love the idea about giving your kids credit toward a goal! Very smart!

  3. oh and congrats on the new job.

  4. love the outfit. the trench and those shoes set it off! i need to try the bank thing with my son....maybe he will cooperate when taking my pictures...lol.

  5. CUTE! It is amazing how much a trench can MAKE the outfit. Love the leopard pumps too!!

  6. So cute! Love the leopard shoes!

  7. Very chic!
    Love those heels!


  8. Well, since blogger never restored any comments from the meltdown last week, I thought I'd once again mention that you look amazing in this outfit! Also, I just awarded you the Adorable Blog Award (check my new blog post for the details)!

  9. Boooo! I know, I lost all my comments :( Thank you so much Tara!!!


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