Sunday, May 1, 2011

30 Days of DIY: Day 28 ~ Upcycled Butter Container Planters

Hi lovelies!  I've been trying to really reduce waste and challenge myself to come up with new ideas for things that would normally be thrown away.  If you've been following my 30 Days of DIY series, you would be familiar with some of the projects like this.  These are old butter plastic tubs that I painted and (once I go and get soil) will be planting some of my plants in!
I spread out some newspaper outside and collected my spraypaint and scissors.
Take the scissors and cut out a few drainage holes in the bottom of the tub.
Here's what I did.  I also add rocks to the bottom of all my pots as well to assist with drainage, so I didn't make the holes too big.
I spraypainted the tubs black.  It took about two coats.  I also applied a thin coat to the inside, a little heavier on the top, so that the look was more uniform.
Then I took some white acrylic paint, and decorated my tubs.
These would look lovely spraypainted white and then decorated with more colorful paints. 
Yes, I set the plants in their little green pots inside these for the purpose of the picture.  I need to get some soil :)  What do you think of this?  Is this something you will do?  I want to find more tubs now!! 


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