Wednesday, March 25, 2015

DIY ~ Woven Bangle Bracelets

Hi lovelies!  Today's DIY is such an easy, fun way to reuse those plain bangle bracelets you have.  Plus, it's not a permanent change and you can easily undo it should you tire of them!  I was able to make these using items I had on hand; get creative with what you have!  {How-to after the break!}

You'll need:

  • Plain bangle bracelets (pick up some inexpensive ones at Claire's, Target, etc. if you don't have any on hand!)
  • Rope, twine, yarn, fabric scraps - anything you can use to weave through your bangles.  You'll need about 15 feet (I measured 3 armspans) {I used cotton twine and masons twine that I had previously bought at Home Depot}
  • Washi tape
  • Scissors

Determine how wide you'd like your bracelet to be.  I like how it looks 4 or 5 bracelets wide.  Measure about 3 armspans length of rope and cut it.  Tear off a small piece of washi tape.

Wrap the washi tape around one cut end of your twine.  This will prevent the twine from fraying but it will also serve as a needle of sorts to help your weaving time.

Take the untaped end of twine and weave it through your bracelets in an under/over repeating pattern.  Just do one row and leave a good 6 inches excess, as shown.

Take the taped end and continue your weaving, opposite of the row above.  Pull the twine all the way through but make sure to keep your 6" excess on the tail end from the previous step.

The first few rows will be a bit tricky and wonky.  I found it best to hold the bracelets at the bottom, as shown, and keep my weaving above my fingers.

Keep weaving...

When you've completed about 5 or so rows, pull everything together tightly and you should notice your bracelets staying in position better. Knot the 6" tail end to the closest bangle.  Keep weaving.

Stop when you have about 1-2 rows left.  I kept the weaving tight on this bracelet, but you can push the rows around if you want more of the bracelets showing through.

Unknot your tail and weave it through, leaving it on an under.  Do the same with the taped end, leaving it on an under matching up with the other tail.

Knot the two ends together and trim the ends.  If using a synthetic fiber, gently fuse the ends into the knot by running it over a lighter's flame.  If you're using a natural fiber this method will only burn it so use some glue or clear nail polish to secure your knot/ends.

Et voila!

I love the easy breezy boho vibe these have and they'll be an awesome instant upgrade to any outfit.  Depending on the material you choose, these can have an entirely different vibe. Try raffia, or some 1" wide fabric strips for a fun change - get creative and make these yours!

Don't forget to hashtag your creation on Instagram with #SnSdiy so I can check it out!


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