Sunday, October 12, 2014

DIY ~ Vintage Gem Cuff

Hi lovelies!  I'm in love with vintage jewelry and love creating beautiful pieces using vintage rhinestones, which thanks to etsy, I've amassed quite a collection of.  This DIY is so easy - the hardest part is deciding on a design and possibly even more than that, which stones to use.  Once that hard part is over though, you will have a vintage inspired bracelet that will have your friends asking what other heirloom pieces you have!  {Click for the how-to, as well as where to buy the perfect vintage stones!}

You'll need:
  • Vintage rhinestones (I used a 10mm x 8mm clear stone, two 8mm x 4mm baguettes and four 8mm x 3mm baguettes.)  This etsy shop is where I buy the majority of my rhinestones from.  Her prices are amazing and the quality of the stones is like none other.  This eBay store is another seller with incredible vintage stones too.  The prices are fantastic and the vintage selection is second to none.
  • Brass cuff bracelet with ID blank (I bought mine from this etsy shop and really love the quality of the piece as well as the matte finish)
  • E6000 glue
  • Q-tip
  • (Not shown: piece of scrap paper, empty toilet paper tube)

Squeeze the cardboard tube together and slide the bracelet on.  Now stand the tube up and you'll have a perfect flat surface for your bracelet work.  Squeeze some glue onto your scrap paper.  Apply a small dollop of glue to the back of the stone using the q-tip and gently press the stone in the center of the flat part of the bangle.

Working one side at a time, next glue down a 8mm x 4mm baguette vertically next to the clear center stone.  Then two 8mm x 3mm baguettes horizontally stacked beside it.  Please note that only half of the two stacked horizontal stones will lay on the flat portion of the bracelet.  Make sure that there's enough glue underneath on the edges between the stone and the rounded part of the bracelet.  Otherwise, you could easily lose a stone.

Repeat the design on the other side, and let dry overnight.

Look at that sparkle!


This bracelet is such a statement maker, yet is still delicate and not overpowering.  I like wearing it alone to add a pop of color and a fun vintage vibe to my work looks.  Best of all, for about $10 you can make your own heirloom piece!  Get creative, use different colored and shaped stones and really make it your own!

Don't forget, I'd love to see what you're making! If you make one, make sure to hashtag it #SnSDIY so I can check it out and share it too!


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