Thursday, September 25, 2014

DIY ~ Pyramid Stud Wall Decor

Hi lovelies!  I feel as though my condo is in an ever-changing state of decorating.  I'm constantly reassessing what I've done and what I can still do to further incorporate my glam mountain resort condo theme I've chosen.  I have this empty space above my desk that is the backside of the kitchen (is it bad that I use my dining room as my crafting room rather than it's intended use?) which I've struggled with for years.  I hung some foam core board to use as my inspiration board, but the plain spot of wall between that and the ceiling has perplexed me.

I finally had a brainblast (Jimmy Neutron fans? Anyone?) and thought that I wish I could just put some huge pyramid studs up there.  So I hit my recycling bin, dug out some cardboard, and got to work. {Click to keep reading, and to see how I made these!}

You'll need:

  • Aluminum duct tape (Find it in the aisle with all of the duct work at your local hardware store.  Note that this is completely different from duck tape.)
  • Scrap cardboard
  • Metric ruler
  • Boxcutter or xacto knife
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • (Not pictured) Command adhesive mounting strips 

I knew what I wanted and roughly the measurements I wanted too.  Please note that I calculated my sizes in centimeters and not inches.  This was easier for me as I used some nice round numbers for the dimensions.  I put my math degree to work (lol) and figured out the lengths of the sides of the triangles to cut out.  Also note the doubled numbers.  I did make one large stud and four small ones.  For the large one, I simply doubled all of my measurements.

Knowing the measurements, use your ruler and draw the shapes out on your scrap cardboard.

  • Draw one square with four 10cm sides.  
  • For the triangles, I first drew the 10cm base and then made a little dot at the halfway (5cm) point.  
  • Extend straight up from that dot 6cm.  This is where the apex of your triangle will hit.  You're welcome.  
  • Now starting at the end of one base, draw a straight line measuring a little over 8cm extending up to that apex.  
  • Repeat for the other side.  
  • Now draw three more using the same technique.

Grab your box cutter and first gently score over the lines then go over them, cutting all the way through.  I recommend grabbing a cutting board to do this on so as not to damage either your blade or whatever surface you're working on.

Snip eight pieces of aluminum tape, just eyeball it and cut them roughly 1-2" in size.

Time to form the pyramid!  Grab your square base, one triangle, and one piece of tape.  Match the triangle's base to one side of the square and lay the triangle flat on top.  Tape the edge down and fold the triangle up.  Repeat.

This is what it should look like.  Don't worry if there are gaps right now, we will be covering everything up with more aluminum tape so there's room to push and pull and when all else fails, we can just cover it up!

Fold two triangles in until their sides touch.  Tape them together.  Repeat for a third one.

Now here's a fun part.  If you wanted to say make this into a paperweight or a random object to sit on a shelf/table/mantel/etc., before sealing up the final side put some rocks, (uncooked)beans, (uncooked)rice, or whatever you can get your paws on inside it to add some weight to it.  Skip this step if you're just going to be hanging them on the wall.  Now seal up that last side.

You should have a (messy) pyramid now.

Cut a piece of tape about 8" long and lay it flat over the center.  Make sure to push it down firmly on the two vertical faces it touches and wrap the ends under.  Leave the apex as shown.

Snip across the lifted portion of the tape on either side of the apex, coming as close to the tip as you can.

Fold the edges over and down.

Cut two more 7-8" pieces and cover the sides.

Almost done!  Now smooth out any wrinkles and edges by gently burnishing with the edge of your scissors' handle, a bone folder, butter knife, or whatever you have on hand.

If your cardboard is really corrugated and you can see the lines showing through, add an extra layer of tape on top.

My son loved it when I was making these, he got out his action figures and pretended they were in Egypt, playing amongst the Great Pyramids!

To hang them up, simply use a command adhesive strip to attach them to the wall!  (Soooo easy and won't damage the wall when you take them down!)

I love how these look in my home and it ties the silver accents from my living room into my dining room office while still maintaining my playful spirit.

Hope you love these; show me your take on these using the hashtag #SnSDIY!


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