Wednesday, February 12, 2014

DIY ~ Glitter Chevron Heart Valentine's Box

Hi lovelies!  I've got a fun DIY for you today!  It's a great way to upcycle those empty beauty subscription boxes you may have laying around, or it's a fun way to spice up a store-bought box as well.  I think it's fun to put together little V-Day gifts for people, but I really dislike plain bags so this is a fantastic way to present that perfect little present for your special valentine (see what I did there?!).  {Click for the how-to!}

You'll need:

  • Empty box (mine is from a monthly beauty subscription, but you can really use any box you have on hand)
  • Heart shape (raid the junk mail and simply cut a heart out of a piece of sturdy paper)
  • Chevron Mod Podge Rocks Stencil (only available at Michael's, but you can order from Plaid Crafts online!)
  • Mod Podge
  • Spouncer
  • Glitter (I was provided with this awesome podgeable glitter, which you squeeze gently and it 'blows' glitter!)
  • Washi tape
  • Decorative heart (I picked up this package in the dollar bins at Target)
  • Tape your heart cutout over the box and secure with a few pieces of washi tape.
  • Apply the stencil over half of the heart, as shown.  The best thing about these stencils is they're sticky!  That is, they stick and easily remove from surfaces.
  • Use the spouncer to apply Mod Podge over the stencil.  
  • Remove the stencil, reapply it to its backing and gently wash the Mod Podge off of it.
  • Glitter your chevron and gently tap over the trash to remove excess glitter.
  • Apply your (clean) stencil to the other half of the heart, ensuring to match up the pattern.
  • Repeat the steps
  • Use a small paintbrush to touch up any areas.  Let dry, and use a small fluffy brush to brush away any excess glitter that didn't shake off.
  • Stick on your pretty heart in the center.

So simple, and so easy!  It's a great, fun craft to do and it will be even more fun to fill it up with goodies for your besties or your valentine.

These stencils are so easy to use and I really love that they are specially made to use with Mod Podge and glitter!  There really are so many possibilities!  Be sure to check out the other designs available.

What would you use this fun stencil for?


Disclosure: I was provided the stencil, two spouncers, and two tubes of glitter to create a fun craft with.  As always, all opinions are 100% mine and I never feature a product I don't personally love.  Thanks for supporting the brands that make Smart n Snazzy possible!


  1. I love this Lia! So cute! And I never thought to make a stencil out of junk mail - genius. :0

  2. This is super fun! I love how you did this technique!


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