Wednesday, May 9, 2012

DIY Jennifer Behr Leather Dinosaur Studded Headband

Hi Lovelies!  It's been awhile, but I've got a fabulous DIY for you!  I saw the headband above in People Style Watch and fell in LOVE with it.  But, there's no way I'd shell out $162 for a headband, especially one I could make with things I have on hand. {More after the break}

You'll need: leather (mine is the excess from a thrifted leather skirt I shortened), a headband, studs/nailheads, pliers, scissors, E-6000 glue, a toothpick, and newspaper to protect any surface you're working on.

I used the scissors to trim down the little nubbies on the inside of the headband.

Then, lay out your design to determine how many studs you'll use.

Use your pliers to bend all the prongs inside the stud so it can be adhered flush to the headband.

Use a toothpick to place a dollop of E-6000 glue onto the top center of the headband.

Firmly press the stud onto the glue and let set for a couple minutes.

Don't worry about any excess glue; we're covering it all up.

Then I did the same for the two bottom studs.

And kept working my way up from there.

Here's the finished studded headband.  You'll want to let this dry overnight so the studs are firmly secured and won't move around in the next step.

Determine how much leather you'll need, and cut out the appropriate amount.

Start by covering the top center stud and surrounding area in E-6000 glue.  Then firmly work your leather into the area, making sure it's tight around the stud.

It's easier to wrap the leather around by making slits on the underside.  Keep gluing!

Voila!  Your finished headband!

And my lovely daughter Bella adores this, and wanted to model it!

So all in all, I spend NADA on this headband, using items I had on hand, a $162 savings from the original!  What do you think, ladies?



  1. Such a great DIY project! Love the headband and that you did it for nothing!!

  2. Amazing as usual!!! You are seriously genius with these projects!

  3. I have been OBSESSED with this headband since I saw it last year on Hilary! I would pay YOU $162 for one. Haha. This is fabulous and you did an incredible job! LOVE!

  4. Lia...how are you!?!?! Long time no chat I hope all is well. This headband you created is amazing! And I cannot believe the original is $162...that is insane! Bella looks beautiful with it on :)

  5. wow!!! so lovely! your daughter is beautiful!

    xx heidi
    life full of loves

  6. wow!! This is so cool! And what a steal compared to the the inspiration!! Just WOW! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Style-Delights Blog

  7. wow! you are so good!!
    Love your blog!! so much!
    Like to follow each other? I already follow you! follow back?
    we could stay in contact!


  8. Super cute DIY! Going to have to try it out!


  9. Great diy! Looks just as good as the original


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