Thursday, July 14, 2011

New Vlog! Urban Decay Makeup Haul!

Hello lovelies!!  Did you hit up Urban Decay's Friends and Family sale they had on their website last week?  25% off EVERYTHING!!  If not, sorry you missed out!  While I did not go overboard, I did get a few new things I'd love to share with you!

Also, let's discuss something.  Do you throw out all of your eyeshadows after 1 year?  I follow the 3 month rule with mascaras, but I can't seem to follow the 12 month rule with eyeshadows or lipsticks/lip glosses.  What do you think?  Help!!!



  1. Great buys! I don't think you have to throw away your eyeshadows after just a year if you don't wear them much. The ones I wear a ton, I usually get rid of after a couple years (if there is any left), but the rest I hang onto longer. I just make sure to sanitize them (like I did in that post I put up a while back) every once in a while to make sure they are clean and won't cause breakouts, etc.

  2. Gah, I don't seem to ever throw out anything! Thanks for the make-up sale heads up!

  3. I'm really only good about mascara too. It's so bad!

  4. I don't follow the rules at all and it may be unsanitary but I'm sorry I'm not throwing away perfectly good MAC shadow. That stuff is expensive!!



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